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#13269731 May 28, 2017 at 07:54 AM · Edited over 2 years ago
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Scavenger Hunt Event!!! I will be using ANY of these items as the scavenger hunt/Birthday 'easter eggs' to hide in the dojo.

How it Works:
- Almost every month there will be a scavenger Hunt in the dojo! Whether it will be for a clan member's Birthday (which can be announced anytime in that day) or for any other fun reason.

- There will be a Clan Forum Post to announce the scavenger hunt/birthday event item Hidden somewhere in the dojo. See the Calendar Here for upcoming birthdays.

- If a month does NOT have a clan member's bday. An Officer will select ANY random day(s) of that month and will Hide a Scavenger Hunt Item in the dojo!

- Search the DOJO for the CHOSEN SCAVENGER ITEM!!!

- Take a Screenshot of it and POST IT ON THE CELEBRANT'S THREAD!!!


- Hints MAY be (intermittently) posted on the celebrant's birthday thread until someone FINDS IT!!!
The bday event for that celebrant will be ongoing til the NEXT member's birthday(s) is announced! OR 'til SOMEONE FINDS AND POSTS first!
GOOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Members who are inactive/gone for more than 30 days (w/o notification) MAY not have their bday announced for this event.

Winners will be able to select ANY (1) item in the Clan Vault! Click HERE!
#13368820 Jul 27, 2017 at 12:01 AM · Edited 4 years ago
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Considering how much weapons and frames there are now in warframe, I want this scavenger hunt event to be something the clan can also use to gear up or acquire sets.
Only instead of RNG deciding what to give you, you can SELECT your prize sets/items! So if you see something you like find the bday trophy to claim it! :D

Hence, I am not only putting up ALL my extra sets on the table of prizes, but I am also willing to take some donations as well from members in hopes to expand the library for more spares for the clan's benefit!
For now, I am only accepting complete sets.

If you are interested in donating, Pls post your donations on this thread. I will come to graciously collect them accordingly. Thank you in advance.
#13369506 Jul 27, 2017 at 12:10 PM
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I have a mantis set I am willing to donate.

I can also donate Proof Fragments for those who don't want to farm them from The Limbo Theorem.

Also have Kavasa Prime Collar, Lex Prime, and Odonata Prime to offer.

-Icicle Ferret
#13370636 Jul 28, 2017 at 06:38 AM
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Updated Prize List on OP (original post)
#13470860 Oct 06, 2017 at 12:06 AM · Edited 4 years ago
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Thank you Limosk for your donation of:
Rhino Prime

Prize List Updated
#13472294 Oct 07, 2017 at 01:41 AM
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Thank you for your donation IcicleFerret:
- Kavasa Prime Kubrow Collar x 1
- Mantis Landing Craft x 1
#13769268 May 13, 2018 at 10:30 AM · Edited 3 years ago
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This one XD?
(ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง This a hold up (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง Give me all of your Arachnes (ง •̀_•́)ง

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