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The ancient English language had a unique quirk whereby groups of different things--particularly animals--were called by a variety of very specific terms. One of the most common languages spoken by the Tenno shares this trait to some extent. After a great deal of collaboration, scholars have agreed on the following accepted terms for groups of organic or arguably living things within the System:

A cell of Tenno
A greeting of Grineer
A corpus of Corpus
A malignancy, infection, plague, or pus of Infested (a consensus could not be reached, so all are considered acceptable)
A hologram of Specters
A bastion of Archwings
An expletive of Nullifiers
A meme of Ospreys
A drove of Draga
A vat of Tubemen
A collect of Kavats
A howl of Kubrows
A plumbob of Sentinels
A dune of Desert Skates
A watch of Oculysts
A shine of Corrupted
A scattering of Simaris Scan Targets
An angst of Operators

Additionally, scholars have identified exceptional cases where groups of inorganic, non-living things also have their own specialized terms:

A pulse of Restores (Ammo, Shield, Armor, Health)
A tower of Turrets (ambiguous as to whether this only refers to a literal tower of turrets or simply multiple turrets.)

-Icicle Ferret
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Lol nice.
Here is where I found some warframe lore I wasn't even aware of and where I found out about cells lol
Warframe Lore DataBase
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