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Table of Contents:
Everything you need to know about the clan can be found here.

Welcome to the Clan
- A track listing of all new and returning members!

Clan News
- From the latest news to past news, stay up to date with all the clan updates here!

Clan Expectations
- Clan rules/regulations

Clan Competency Survey 1
- General clan and in-game knowledge/questions

Clan Ranking 5.0 Information:
- Contains everything you need to know about moving up in the clan!

Elite Gear Series
- A collective/checklist of recommended gear, mods, weapons, warframes, and builds toward endgame.
Clan Vault and Clan Offerings (Clan Token System)
- Contains prime sets, weapons, gear, and the clan's wealth. Primarily used to aid the succession of the clan's elites!

Clan Bday/Scavenger Hunt Details
- Details for the clan's most popular and ongoing event.

Clan History
- Learn more about our clan's story and community!

Edrick's Clan Journal
- Clan Leader's log. Dive deep into the clan's development and infrastructure.

Delta's Logistics Corner
- Logistic Officer compilation of spreadsheets.

Hiatus/Vacation Notice
- Going away for a few weeks or more than 20 days? Please post your leave of absence here.
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