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Welcome to our Official Clan Hierarchy/Ranking System. Here you will find all the details, requirements, and integrated lore for each rank! Progressing through our ranking system is highly encouraged as we want to recognize 'progress' (or veteran-ship) in a more objective way.

Base Ranks:
Ranks (and an opportunity) given to new recruits and members to prove their loyalty to the clan.

The initial rank given to members who are accepted to enter the home of the elite. Welcome to the clan!
  • No requirements
  • Probation rank (20 day inactivity policy is enforced)
Members who are 20 days inactive while in this rank will be at risk to being removed/replaced by returning members or new recruits.
Inactive-Initiates/members will not be immediately removed until the clan leadership finds a new recruit (or returning members) to replace them. This can be a grace period for inactive-initiates to log-in and reset their 20 days.

A rank given to Initiates as a symbol of their continued loyalty and dedication to serve the clan. They are welcomed as brothers and sisters-in-arms.
  • Beat the Custom obstacle course, no time limit
  • Do any mission with at least 2 other clan members (for new members)
  • In the clan for 1 week (for new members)
Sectarus (and higher) are now eligible to return to the clan from hiatus and will take priority clan invites over new recruits/applications.
Reward: Forma + 5 Clan Tokens

Elite Ranks:
The few. The proud. The official Elite ranks of the clan. Each rank offers challenges and requirements that will test a Tenno’s resolve, competency, and skill.

Enginus are the first elite soldiers of the clan. Trained Tenno known for their adept mobility and competence in the field.
  • 100 Hours (for new members)
  • Must be MR 8+ (for new members)
  • Beat the Custom obstacle course in under 50 seconds
  • Must have All Team Restores x 100 ea (screenshot)
Elite Gear #1 recommended
Reward: Orokin Catalyst + 5 Clan Tokens

Dax (council-rank)
The clan’s ‘super soldiers.’ A rank given only to those who’ve shown unfaltering-dedication and have proven to be some of the most reliable warriors of the clan. Teshin would be proud!
  • 300 hours (for new members)
  • Must be MR 12+ (for new members)
  • Beat the Custom obstacle course in under 40 seconds
  • Solo Eidolon Teralyst (Mission Result Screenshot)
  • Solo Exploiter Orb Morther (Mission Result Screenshot)
  • Solo Sorties: Acquire (any) Sortie Reward. (Mission Result Screenshot)
Elite Gear #2 recommended; See Elite Gear #4 for recommended Eidolon gear
Reward: Forma Bundle + 5 Clan Tokens

Guardian (council-rank)
They are both the leaders of the Dax and the gatekeepers of the clan’s prestige. Emanating profound competence and field combat skill, Guardians are the echelon of the Elite Standard. Although reaching a pinnacle, Guardians continue to seek higher purpose and proficiency.
  • 500 hours
  • Must be MR 16+
  • Beat the Custom obstacle course in under 35 seconds
  • Solo (Axi) Fissure or Kuva Survival: Complete 1hr. (Mission Result Screenshot)
  • Solo Tridolon (Mission Result Screenshot)
  • Solo Profit Taker (Mission Result Screenshot)
Elite Gear #3 and Elite Gear #4 recommended
Reward: Any 3 day Booster + 10 Clan Tokens

Vanguard (council-rank)
The ‘ascended Tenno’ and champions of the clan. The Vanguards are the spear-heads of the clan’s offensive and the most powerful of the elite ranks. Rivaled only by the clan leadership, Vanguards have little to no foreseeable weakness in combat knowledge and prowess. Very few carry the name. Are you worthy?!
  • Must be at least Highest MR -1
  • Beat the Custom obstacle course in under 30 seconds
  • 40 Wave Axi Fissure Defense
  • 2 Hour (or 30k Kuva) Kuva Survival
  • 8 Wave ESO (Solo)
  • Acquire Illimina Judicium Emote
Important! Please Read!
Once you have obtained Vanguard rank you will have to repeat ANY (1) of the Vanguard Challenges once a month (30 days) and maintain the highest MR rank -1. This is to ensure Vanguards are up-to-date with current meta/content/proficiency.
Any New Content DE releases (that is end-game viable), will be added to the Vanguard requirement list above -- it will be introduced and will count toward the monthly challenge.
- Failure to complete a monthly challenge will result in demotion back to Guardian rank
- To regain Vanguard rank, simply complete (any and all) monthly challenge(s) missed.
Reward: Any 7 day Booster + 25 Clan Tokens

Leadership Ranks:
Executors serve as the clan’s leadership ranks. They are broken up into 3 ruling classes:

Preserving our dojo and our members during the absence of the higher Executor Leadership, the Executor-Lorists have proven and modeled exemplary Skill and Competence in the field and Comradery amongst clan members. They are the watchers of the Elite Standard and Officers of the clan council.
  • MUST be Vanguard, Guardian or Dax (legacy versions also count)
  • Recommend Most of Comp-Elite Lists completed.
  • Unanimously elected/voted (Executor ranks only)
Executor-Lorists: Soridian, Doopliss

The clan’s 2nd-in-Command, Lead Logistician, Field Marshal, and main Counsel to the Executor-Primus. The Executor-Archimedian provides the primary technical, strategic, and field combat support to the clan’s elites and infrastructure.
Executor-Archemidian: DeltaTroopa

The Architect of Primum Prateorium (Dojo Prime) and the head Executor of clan 'Furtivus Effectus,' or in common tongue, 'BlackOPs.' The Primus maintains harmony, administers and oversees all clan functions.
Executor-Primus: -Edrick-

- For Clan Offerings/Token System Information and details click HERE!

- To earn additional titles/accolades to your Discord profile, visit the Compl-Elite List here!
#14176413 Jul 16, 2019 at 06:48 AM
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Change Log/Fix 5.0.1
- Removed Dax Rank Challenge: Solo Teralyst or (any) Orb Mother
- Added Dax Rank Challenge: Solo Exploiter Orb
- Added Guardian Rank Challenge: Solo Profit Taker
#14179616 Jul 24, 2019 at 03:13 AM
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Change Log/Fix 5.0.2
Guardian Rank Requirement change:
- Removed 30 minute Time Limit on Solo Tridolon challenge
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