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It's finally here! Much care (hours) has been given to the development of this system for the clan. We hope it will serve its purpose to distinguish and objectify a member's in-game progress and level of experience.
Changes or modifications can or will still made and be announced accordingly. This is to ensure it's reasonably balanced and is appropriate for each rank.

BlackOPs Clan Ranking System ver 5.0

Our new ranking system will introduce a new way of progression through warframe content and as a clan member. Each rank is designed to provide a purposeful challenge and rewards from both in-game content (useful resources/items) and clan vault (includes plat, evergreens, market items).
The intent is to encourage progression toward Warframe’s end-game content/meta while ensuring rank/challenge provide reasonable rewards and rank up in the clan. This will (simultaneously) passively help prepare members for competitive global ranking events.

For Clan Veterans Only:(pls read)Members who have earned elite ranks/titles from Clan Rank 4.0 (and previous) will be given an exclusive (permanent) Clan 5.0 legacy rank equivalent to symbolize their past achievement.
For example:
A current Soldier Rank member will have their “soldier’ title converted to (its equivalent clan 5.0 rank) Sectarus - Legacy in their discord profile as a permanent and static rank. If it was a Knight-Captain, they would get Guardian - Legacy, etc).
“Legacy” members will still adopt the Initiate (5.0) rank enabling them to progress through the new Clan Rank 5.0 system (like everyone else) while still keeping their, now vintaged, Legacy ranks.

Clan Rank Adaptation:

Our clan’s lore direction follows the path of Tenno who despised the ruling of the Orokin Empire, but admired the Orokin’s prestige and never-ending ambition (to grow and seek knowledge). In an effort to remember/honor their Orokin ‘mother,’ Margulis, these Tenno created a pact: to never wane, to always strive, and to remain humble.
They embraced the Orokin caste system into their own and adopted the title, “Elite Tenno.” The ‘Elite’ was to represent their mother’s modest teachings and uphold the high standards of the Orokin. While keeping their namesake, they guide the Orokin standard through Tenno honor and humility; aka the Elite Standard.

Clan rank lore adaptation included in the Clan Rank 5.0 descriptions

Clan Token System and Offerings
With the introduction of clan rank 5.0 comes a new Clan Token System!
Click HERE to see Clan Offerings and Token System details!
  • Similar to Nightwave's format, you will earn tokens for every rank you earn! (max of 50 tokens)
  • You can redeem your tokens for evergreens, market items, and/or items from our very own clan vault (via discord or in Clan Vault and Offerings Thread HERE!)

Please Use the following format when redeeming tokens:
  • Your current available Clan Tokens (will be tracked)
  • Name of your reward.
  • IF posting on #clan-challenge, please tag @executors (otherwise we may miss your request)

Now for the Rank Details! Lets get started!
Click HERE to visit the Clan Ranking 5.0 Subforum!
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