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Edrick's Photo Album

:D Clan Forum Banner Full ImageClan GroupieClan Groupie with namesEd's SpaceshipLiving on the EdgeGather 'RoundClan MeetingVolt Chameleon PrimeEd's ComicEd's SelfieClan LogoTenno Power Rangers
Small Edrick 5y
Edrick3510757Small Edrick 3y
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Ch0c0l33thybrid's Big Captura Adventure

Im gonna be posting a collection of my favourite picturesNote: some have been photoshopped for A E S T H E T I C purposes
Small Ch0c0l33thybrid 4y
Ch0c0l33thybrid132326Small IcicleFerret 3y
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Delta's Random Screenshots

Thanks CarrierEarth Syndicate MissionsUI bugs!Getting a little too close to ErisNoggles!....I don't even knowTexture bugs!
Member avatar small DeltaTroopa 5y
DeltaTroopa8717073Small IcicleFerret 4y
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Super Duper Fashion Frame Extravaganza!

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen! With the release of U21 I've become very interested in how everyone goes about making their frames stylish as a refined gent in a whiskey parlour. This thread is precisely for that! Everyone struggles with fashion fra...
Small lSteelStrike 4y
lSteelStrike72913Small Shino1812 4y
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Doop wants a corner too!

RNGesus you're too kind! Such a majestic beast! You're not a real man until you can put your hand through your gun. I love it when you can't see what you're doing!
Small Doopliss 5y
Doopliss51071Small Doopliss 4y
Shadowtiger04101869Member avatar small Shadowtiger04 4y
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Unknown Nova Glyph

Anyone got idea where this new profile icon (glyph) is from? i cant see it in that new glyph pack or anywhere else and i am starting to be really desparate :(
Small ArnoldAceRimmer 4y
ArnoldAceRimmer2680Member avatar small Alextron16 4y
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Trent's Album

Special Snowflake Frost in the arsenal
Small lSteelStrike 5y
lSteelStrike81492Small lSteelStrike 4y
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IcicleFerret's Digital Scrapbook

I'd like to share a little of my story of how I became a Tenno. It's not particularly funny or exciting, and it's kind of long. And it's kind of late, so I'll probably do this in installments. I initially had no interest in joining Warframe. I kne...
Small IcicleFerret 5y
IcicleFerret0455Small IcicleFerret 5y
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On top of the void

So yeah, I did a terrible bullet jump, but started this... On the doorwayHallway viewOn TopRandom ass room you'll probably never find
Member avatar small Kilrayn 5y
Kilrayn2600Small IcicleFerret 5y
nyssasyratov2564Small IcicleFerret 5y
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Imma's Photo Booth

The Water In The Void Needs Some Work...I Broke The WaterAnd Again...Ultimate Excalibur Build!!!My Excalibur Is Jesus.My Awesome Raid Portfolio!First Off, The Fomorians Can't Aim For Shit...Even When They Do Hit The Right Spot (I made sure to stan...
Small ImmaExplodeU 5y
ImmaExplodeU132474Small ImmaExplodeU 5y
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Hilarious conversation is hilarious

So, Cookdog and I were chatting late at night when this happened...Transcript:IcicleFerret: public schools are the pits...Cookdog: the only thing I really learned in high school was how to hit on chicks ;PIcicleFerret: haha, priorities, right?Cook...
Small IcicleFerret 5y
IcicleFerret2596Small Edrick 5y
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Rad proc + bladestorm =

Good Times
Member avatar small Kilrayn 5y
Kilrayn3748Small Edrick 5y
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Out of sheer boredom

This is what happens when i join EU server just for a minute :
Small ArnoldAceRimmer 5y
ArnoldAceRimmer51034Member avatar small orcpunx 5y
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Fragwulf's Den

Bleeding Fingers..
Member avatar small Fragwulf 5y
Fragwulf4770Member avatar small Fragwulf 5y
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Dojo Glitch

Dojo Visual Glitch
Member avatar small Kilrayn 5y
Kilrayn0392Member avatar small Kilrayn 5y
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randomly selected screenshots

I got some screenies from the past year or so that are pretty interesting. here. this is when my Valkyr had a stroke. she sat there for around 30 seconds, then my team extracted. she was in that position leaning back and forth. pretty terrifying. ...
Small Ragingdeamon 5y
Ragingdeamon2601Small Ragingdeamon 5y
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Truth's Album

Well.....I have a small issue. ORDIS WHAT DID YOU DO!Looks fun down there....Killing all of them. The Stalker will see you soon.I think our fusion went right.....but its just an internal change.
Member avatar small TheTruthHurts 5y
TheTruthHurts0378Member avatar small TheTruthHurts 5y
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Breaking the game

A separate thread for me breaking the game. Mastery Test 1
Member avatar small DeltaTroopa 5y
DeltaTroopa152944Member avatar small DeltaTroopa 5y