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Clan Ranking System 5.0

[Pinned] Clan Ranking System 5.0

Welcome to our Official Clan Hierarchy/Ranking System. Here you will find all the details, requirements, and integrated lore for each rank! Progressing through our ranking system is highly encouraged as we want to recognize 'progress' (or veteran-...
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[Pinned] How To Rank Up
Clan Ranking System 5.0

[Pinned] How To Rank Up

2 Ways to Rank Up1) Post proof/screenshot(s) to the #clan-challenges chat room in discord with the following format:@Executors [name of rank you are pursuing][name of challenge][screenshot][name of challenge][screenshot]...OR2) Create and post a ...
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Clan Ranking System 5.0

iG4B3 Challenges

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Clan Ranking System 5.0

Armyfreak42's Challenges

Enginus 1020+ Hours MR 21Beat the Custom obstacle course in under 50 secondsMust have All Team Restores x 100 ea (screenshot)Completed Clan Competency Survey5/5 Challenges Complete
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Clan Ranking System 5.0

Franky's Challenges

Rank and time played:Eidolon and Orb Mother:Sortie: (Im an idiot and forgot 2nd mission screenshot, will redo tomorrow)Mission 1:Mission 2: im a fucking idiotMission 3:Overview:Clan course run:P.S. whoever put the lazers at the end of the run your...
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Clan Ranking System 5.0

DeltaTroopa's Clan Challenges

Current Rank: Dax
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Clan Ranking System 5.0

TypeMar's Challenges

Enginus(obstacle course can go fuck itself)Sub 50 secondsAll team restores.All five challenges completed.Clan competency questionnaire done.
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Clan Ranking System 5.0

nyssa's ranks

sectarus:obstacle coursedax:solo profit takersolo sorties
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Clan Ranking System 5.0

challenge for vanguard

Beat the Custom obstacle course in under 30 seconds40 Wave Axi Fissure Defense2 Hour (or 30k Kuva) Kuva Survival8 Wave ESO (Solo) Illimina Judicium Emotesolo tridolonhttps://ww...
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